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Thanks to for these action photos of 501p




The knightracing team have been progressing well with a huge weekend last week ,the cars are both ready to be greensheeted at this Thursday nights practice at Robertson Holden Speedway.

Big thanks to Karl at South Taranaki Panel and Paint for painting the bodies bonnets wings and rims also thanks to Ross at Abstract Signs for the new body designs and colours he was given free reign. To work his magic.

See you at Palmys opening night


About  this time last year I sat down and set myself some goals for the season:

1.        Make my car more reliable

2.        Race at the NZ Teams Champs – Become a Puma

3.        Win back the TWS Teams Invasion Trophy that the Auckland Alleycats  won the season before.

4.        Roll a Stockcar and receive a Rollover Medal from Palmy,

(something I have never done in all the seasons racing Stockcars).

5.        Win a normal race at Palmerston North Speedway.

6.        Finally - Podium Finish a Major meeting (tall goal as I wasn’t going to the NZ’s or G.P.)


My season started at Stratford Speedways Opening Night.  There I placed 1st, 2nd and 4th,   Chris also got a win at this meeting, while debuting his new Barr Car.  This was a real confidence booster for Chris, after all the hard work he put into the car.


My next meeting was also at the Stratford International Speedway, as a team member racing for the Manawatu Steelers and competing in the Taranaki Stockcar Champs.  I won the race for the Steelers due to some great blocking maneuvers by the other team members.  Thanks Guys!


I won the 1st Heat of the Taranaki Champs and was in 3rd place of the 2nd Heat when I was removed from the track much to my disgust.  After the race, up in the pitbox the SNZ Official admitted he may have made an error by removing me from the race, but the damage was already done. 


Palmerston North racer Rob Miers was 2nd on points so I set about helping him in the 3rd Heat.  Mark Woods 517s, was top points scorer at this point but he made a fatal mistake of trying to go round me, even after I warned him against it (close family connections mean nothing on the track), so his race was done.  I gave a few other cars an introduction to my front bumper,  just to give the fans some entertainment and something to talk about.


Unfortunately Rob come under attack from multiple ‘S’ cars but he did manage to finish the race and claimed 2nd place in the Taranaki Champs.


Next meeting, we headed up to Huntly for the TWS Teams Invasion.  The Steelers was a new team from the season before.   The team gelled really well and made it into the final against the Auckland AlleyCats.  Luckily for us - they had a brutal Semi Final race against the Waikato Raiders, which left their cars below 100%.  Aaron Iremonger and myself swapped the lead through-out the race on numerous occasions and our block cars went about doing the business of dealing to the opposition.  The chequered flag dropped  for me and once again the STEELERS were TWS TEAMS INVITATION CHAMPS.  The Next meeting was the Machinary Specialists Palmy Teams Invasion, we beat the Stratford Stormers and the Wellington Young Guns making the final against the Manawatu Minors.  I lead this race for a long time but some great block work by Mitchell Hill and Chev Taniwha slowed my progress but it was
  fellow Steeler   - Darryl Wallace (Saus)   who crossed the chequered flag 1st giving us another team Trophy.


I did a few meetings at Palmerston North gaining good results and finally a normal race night win – I have to admit that felt really good.


At the Robin Pratt Memorial I was having a pretty good meeting gained a 2nd and a 4th or 5th was 2nd on points behind Asher Rees.  Going into the 3rd Heat, I was winning with a couple of laps to go but I knew I wouldn’t win the Champs as Asher wasn’t far behind and he had a few points gap between us.  With two laps to go, I clipped a stationary car down the grandstand straight and my car immediately started to misfire.  I saw Gavin Taniwha, up the inside coming across (he had said to be wary, as he was helping Asher) he put me up the wall in turn four.  I came down landing on all four wheels, but the car died as the Red Lights came on – so that was the end of my race.  Back in the pits we found a broken ignition wire.

A week or so later I found out that I was going to be 7th driver for the Pumas at the Teams Champs.


At the Teams Champs the Pumas raced well and made it to the Semi Final against the Auckland Alleycats.  This race was a heart stopper for Pumas Fans but an unreal drive by Peter Rees and some sensational blocking by the rest of the team saw the Pumas thru to the final.  Unfortunatly Ron Tye was injured in that race, the Pumas crew set about  fixing all the cars for the final against the Eastern State Titans.  I drove Ron’s car out for the final,  watching the race from the infield, the team drove well pummeling the Titans into submission.  Taking the win and the Championship - Congrats to Pete, Asher, Gavin, Ron, Alec and Josh.


At the North Island Champs Qualifing Night I had a dream night with 2 wins and a 2nd placing.   Chris qualified as well.


Night Two - 1st race I managed to avoid the 3 car roll over on the 1st lap and moved from 28th place to 5th  place.  Chris was one of the 3 cars that rolled.  This I was not aware of until the end of the race.   On the restart I slowly progressed to 2nd behind 94p William Humphreys. 


The 2nd race started well - I went from grid 15 to 3rd  by the 2nd lap on lap 2 the 1st and 2 cars ½ spun in turn 3 I swerved to miss and was spun by the car behind me after been a battering ram to the rest of the field I continued on with a flat right front, midway thru the race 121r tangled with me and send us both to the wall at the same time 35m Ebon Young was trying to pass us.  He got squashed into the wall by my wheelguard and up and over he went (funny thing was I didn’t even know he had rolled till I was watching proudkiwis you tube footage of the meeting a few days later).  In the last heat there was action left right and centre but lucky for me I avoided it all and won the race. When I drove into the pit area, a SNZ Official told me to go over the scales - I thought I had got 4th overall, when I asked why, he said you’re unofficially 2nd - I couldn’t believe it.

We did the Huntly Speedfest and War of Stocks in Rotorua and a couple of meetings in Palmerston North with some good placings.


I was really looking forward to the Pete Barry Teams Meeting in Napier.  The knightracing team had traveled to our crewman’s home in Ashhurst the night before and Michelle, Boston and myself were to meet up with them in the morning and head over to Napier in convoy.  We got as far as Wanganui when we received a text from Chris saying it was OFF -  I knew the weather was 50/50 so I wasn’t sure if he was having me on, as he knew how eager I was to teams race for the Pumas.   One or two minutes later I received a call from Ian Parfitt confirming it was off.  His next question was to see if I was keen to teams race in Wellington -  the answer was ”HELL YES” so we continued down to Ashhurst to meet up with knightracing crew and then headed over to Foxton Fish Supplies to meet up with the rest of the Pumas  Team and head down to Wellington together.


Due to the shocking weather leading up to the race meeting the track was a bit of a one lane track which made for an interesting teams race.  Both teams put up a great battle and the Pumas took the win.


1st race was spun by Keegan Levien dropped towards the back and never really made up many places.  2nd race Keegan was 2nd and I was 3rd for a few laps. In turn 3 - I decided to return the favour, mid spin I realised I wasn’t going to make it round the outside of him due to all the crap out wide.  So I thought to myself “F” it and booted the accelerator, his car took the wall impact - I bounced out and carried on to finish in 3rd place.  In the last race I came under attack from a couple of “W” cars. I drove off the track with a huge smile on my dial as the car was still in one piece.


Looking back at my goals I managed to tick off numbers

1, part of 2,3 ,4 but not the rollover medal,5 and 6


I have had my best season ever, I attribute it to my hard working crew Pete, Joel, Dad, Chris Mum, Michelle, Boston and everyone else that helped out through-out the season.


My car has been sand blasted and painted by the teams at Stevenson’s in Palmerston North and is currently waiting on the engine from Brian Hartley and his team at The Head Shop.  We are planning on making the practices in Palmerston North and be rearing to go at opening night


I’d like to thank the Knight Racing teams sponsors South Taranaki Panel and Paint, Holdin Heaven New Plymouth ,Hooper Engineering,BP2Go Patea, R&S Rural Deliveries, Century Batteries, New Plymouth, Patea Tyres, 


Jay Knight 510P  

workshop all clean while cars away

chris car getting painted at stevensons near palmerston north

car painted and ready to head home

jays car getting a bit of work done

jays car back from the painters

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